It’s All Fantasy, Isn’t It?

I started this blog several years ago in a different place, but a few weeks ago, I decided to use a different platform for my blog, so I’ve moved here. Please tell others about it, if you wish. I really have been writing, however, and not just sitting around playing with my cat, as much fun as that is.

Recently, I began fantasizing about writing in a new genre, as well as fantasy. I love writing fantasy and what I want to write next is still fantasy in the sense that I described in my August 15, 2021 post. In other words, fantasy is something that has not happened – yet.

So, my fantasy is that I will explore writing in a genre known as “cozy mystery.” For now, the characters are all fantasies in my mind. They live ordinary lives, and yet may become involved in extraordinary mysterious events. As a rule, in the cozy mystery, nothing is solved by detectives, but by ordinary people like you or me. Stay tuned.

Part of the reason behind this blog is to encourage others to begin their own writing journey, not merely to market my own writing. However, if you are interested in finding my fantasy writing, watch for Darcy de Sahba on Kindle, about a young were-tigress and her journey quest. Soon, I will tell you how to find it.

  • TIP: Look around you at the everyday people in your life and fantasize about how they could become involved in solving a small mystery. Take one or two and write a scene.

A hui hou!

~ CLMcK ~

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