COVID Doldrums

Have you ever been caught in the doldrums while out sailing? It’s a hard place to be, isn’t it? Waiting for the wind to lift your sails and send you on your way can feel like such a waste.

Surely, I’m not the only person who found herself with time to write but ended up worrying about COVID instead! The doldrums hit, and I just couldn’t find the energy to do much writing. All that time spent washing my hands, social distancing, putting on a mask, and sanitizing seemed to destroy any creative streak that was trying to surface.

I have been vaccinated, and I still wash my hands, social distance myself, wear my mask, and sanitize frequently. I’m venturing out more, and I think I caught my creative muse trying to send a little puff of wind around the corner, so maybe she didn’t die after all. Resurrection can happen!

There is a fresh breeze blowing offshore, and perhaps we’ll have full sailing ability soon. Yesterday, after all this time of COVID and a blank brain, I came up with four or five new ideas and plots for fantasy books. Maybe it’s because the past eighteen months allowed space for a breeze to blow through the windows of my mind, but for whatever reason, I’m writing again!

  • TIP: I’ve heard that whistling can bring the desired wind, so if you are in the COVID doldrums, go “whistle down the wind!” and get back to your computer.

~ CLMcK ~

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