My World of Fantasy

Authors live in more than one world. I live in the everyday world of highway traffic, household chores, employment. I live in several other worlds of imagination, castles in the air, fantasy characters.

In these pages, you will discover a few of those worlds where I live. These worlds come to me whether I am sitting at the computer or in that hypnogogic state as I fall asleep at night, as I drive to work in the mornings or tend my garden at home

Everyone has these worlds, and yet, not everyone will let these worlds go beyond their thoughts. I urge you to put them down on paper or on the hard drive of your computer. Someday these worlds could come together to form a book that others will read. If not, you still will have developed a rich world where you can play.

Tip: Start now by jotting down the first few words that come to mind when you think of “fantasy.” Let that be the first entry in your “fantasy journal.”
~ CLMcK ~

About Carter Lee McKenzie: She lives on the side of a volcano in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. When she is not working at her computer or with her orchids, Carter strolls the warm sandy beaches of her volcanic island and basks in tropical breezes.

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